FUNERAL celebrant


When you lose someone you love, planning a funeral can be difficult. I learned this through experience at 28 when my baby daughter Jessica was stillborn. Not belonging to a faith community, I had no idea what to do and without the help of a very significant group of friends and colleagues I wouldn’t have coped.

When I lost my father I decided to officiate his funeral myself. I had felt uncomfortable at my Mum’s funeral and while I couldn’t put my finger on what was not right, I decided to do the next one myself. Well, it was tough but I knew that it was right to celebrate Dad’s life, to highlight the man he was and to remember the ways in which he was leaving his mark on this world and our lives.

This was life changing for me. I knew immediately the gift it had been to my family and our friends to say goodbye as we did and I realised if I could do this for my father, I could do this for others. This was in fact the beginning of my journey to become a Funeral Celebrant.

Now I am a full-time Celebrant and I feel privileged to have conducted many authentic life celebrations since I began this journey. 

Let me, an experienced and qualified funeral planner and celebrant help you at this time of loss to remember your loved one and to find a way to celebrate their life in a way that they would love. 

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