Spring is upon us and with it come the blossoms that herald new life, warmer weather and longer days. It’s no surprise that flowers are a constant in the celebrations that we share throughout our lives. The bouquets that are held at weddings, the arrangements that adorn altars, the posies that are presented to performers and the roses that symbolise love on Valentine’s Day.


Flowers delight the eye.

Their entire existence

Enriching countless minds.

One can never be thankful enough.


-       Prayer from the Japanese Buddhist tradition


Whoever it was that advised us to take the time to smell the roses had it right. How often are we rushed off our feet, running from errand to errand, task to task?

In a life celebration we literally slow down and inhabit the space created, in these moments we take the time to reflect and almost always the space contains the beauty and scent of flowers.

One can never be thankful enough…

Janne Sverdloff Celebrant