Recently I performed a private committal service and then a memorial for a beautiful man that I had been working with for the past few months. He knew he was dying and he wanted to ensure that his farewell was as he wanted. I met with him on three occasions and while we were together he told me his story. We both rejoiced in his recollections of his travels and work, his relationships and also his shortcomings which he wanted me to know; he didn't want to be remembered as a saint. I met privately with his wife on several more occasions so that we could talk openly and she express her feelings without impacting on her husband. In all, we spent a few months building new but powerful relationships. At the memorial I read the eulogy I had written from the stories he told me, he knowing that I would stand before his friends and family and share it. This was a powerful journey for us all to undertake and I was left feeling very glad that I had been able to play this part in his and his wife's life but I was also left feeling bereft. I was very saddened when I heard the news of his death. It is always such a privilege to be a part of the planning of a life celebration, but this was especially so and I valued greatly being able to take into consideration what he wanted but also what would best help his friends and family to celebrate as well as grieve in a healthy and open way knowing that their loved one had been farewelled as he wanted.